In .NET, DataTable is a class that represents a table of in-memory data. For the jQuery DataTables plugin, please use [jquery-datatables] tag.

DataTable in .NET

A DataTable is a .NET class that represents one table of in-memory data. Unlike other programming languages and platforms, a .NET DataTable is not a GUI control but rather a representation of a SQL table directly accessible in code and a source of data for other controls.

A DataTable may exist as part of a DataSet, which represents an in-memory relational data store. In that context, they can be connected through instances of the DataRelation class, and constrained by ForeignKeyConstraint or UniqueConstraint instances.

A DataTable has a set of DataColumn instances, which describe its schema. Data is stored in DataRow instances.

A DataTable may be sorted and filtered without changing the data by attaching it to a DataView. The sorted and filtered rows are then accessed as instances of the DataRowView class.