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This tag is for questions that came up in an interview.

8 votes
2 answers

Determine if string has all unique characters

I'm working my way through the exercises of the book Cracking the Coding Interview. I'd like to review my solution for the question: Implement an algorithm to determine of a string has all unique …
  • 1,450
5 votes

Stack having push, pop and return min in O(1)

Since @rolfl already targetted the majority of code related issues, I want to mention another technicality, which might be less important but good to know/mention. This typical interview-questions ha …
  • 1,450
3 votes

Bank account data structure

Your problem statement is a bit unclear,I'm uncertain what they mean by the children of a transition. In addition I would ask the interviewer what types (categories) of transaction it should support. …
  • 1,450
11 votes

Designing a coffee machine

I believe your interviewer was looking for the usage of the decorator pattern. Atleast, I've seen almost the exact same problem description in a design pattern book I read. It's a very good read and t …
  • 1,450