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Regularity in the “Rusty Towel of Mutual understanding”

I have the following Java class:

import java.util.Random;

public class RandomNameGenerator {

    private Random rand;

    private static String[] prefixes = { "Ultimate", "Bloody", "Crooked",
            "Hallowed", "Magnificent", "Heavy", "Jagged", "Grand", "Shiny",
            "Rusty" };

    private static String[] items = { "Chainsaw", "Towel", "Ping-Pong Ball",
            "Longsword", "Scissors", "Dagger", "Blade", "Bow", "Axe", "Dagger",
            "Spoon", "Fork", "Coat", "Chain Mail", "Plate Mail", "Cloak",
            "Cape", "Mirror", "Cauldron", "Pouch", "Boots", "Shoes", "Greaves",
            "Pants", "Robes", "Locket", "Ring", "Amulet", "Potion", "Fish",
            "Teapot", "Hood", "Crown", "Cap", "Helmet" };

    private static String[] addons = { "Glorious", "Bloody", "Prolonged",
            "Bitter", "Wicked", "Furious" };

    private static String[] postfixes1 = { "Destruction", "Feminism",
            "Twilight", "Massacre", "Dread", "Terror", "Mutual Understanding",
            "Spite", "Immobility", "Mediocrity", "Anger" };

    private static String[] postfixes2 = { "the Occult", "the Captain",
            "the Warrior", "the Hunter", "the Haunted", "the Dead",
            "the Fallen", "the Hitchhiker", "the Wicked King", "the Grue" };

    public RandomNameGenerator() {
        rand = new Random(System.currentTimeMillis());

    public String getRandomName() {
        StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();
        if (rand.nextInt(100) < 10) {
            str.append(Integer.toString(rand.nextInt(10) + 1));
            str.append(" ");
        if (rand.nextInt(100) < 50) {
            str.append(" ");
        str.append(" of ");
        if (rand.nextInt(postfixes1.length + postfixes2.length) > postfixes2.length) {
            if (rand.nextInt(100) < 70) {
                str.append(" ");
        } else {
        return str.toString();

I use it in a small program to generate sample item names like

Shiny Dagger of the Haunted
Shoes of Immobility
Bow of Mediocrity

In general I get the results that I want, however I can't help but notice, that certain combinations pop up very frequently, for example

Ping-Pong Ball of the Occult

occurs very often.
Is there a design flaw that leads to this outcome? Is there a better way to format what I'm trying to achieve?