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Parsing text from reports

I want to parse some reports from multiple devices, reports looks like this:

VR            Destination      Mac                Age  Static  VLAN          VID   Port
VR-Default    90:e2:ba:3c:95:c0    2      NO  intra1        350   49
VR-Default      00:0e:a6:f7:b6:b5    0      NO  main          602   1
VR-Default      00:0d:88:63:bf:d1    3      NO  main          602   1
VR-Default     00:1c:f0:c7:d2:52    4      NO  main          602   1
Dynamic Entries  :          19             Static Entries            :          0
Pending Entries  :           1
In Request       :     3888802             In Response               :       4531
and some more data...
Rx Error         :           0             Dup IP Addr               :
and some more...

I need only vr, destination, mac, age, static, vlan, vid and port fields. I can parse it using split function and regexes, but split fails if one field (e.g. Age) is empty. perldoc says I can use unpack:

my $template = 'A13xA16xA18xA4xA7xA13xA5xA*';    
for my $line ( split /\n/, $data ) {
   chomp $line;
   my ($vr, $destination, $mac, $age, $static, $vlan, $vid, $port) = unpack $template, $line;

But it dies on lines with length < 84. And I got to check string length every time (Or maybe using eval on unpack? Is it better?). And again I got to use regexes or index to find the end of main table and skip headers. The code will looks like:

my $template = 'A13xA16xA18xA4xA7xA13xA5xA*';
for my $line ( split /\n/, $arp ) {
   last if index( $line, 'Dynamic E' ) == 0;
   next if length $line < 84;
   chomp $line;
   my ($vr, $destination, $mac, $age, $static, $vlan, $vid, $port) = unpack $template, $line;
   next if $mac eq 'Mac';

My question is: how would you parse this data? split, regexes, unpack, substr or something else?