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Yii is a high-performance, MVC architecture based, open source PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.

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Archiving / Moving Data from one database server to another database server

I am working on an SMS marketing project based on Yii2 Framework (PHP 7.3 & MariaDb (innodb engine)) where we have to move the logs from different tables to the archive db, which is total a ...
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Generate meta tags for paging on views, refactoring needed for 'if else'

I know this is a long code and hard to read but when i started working on this it was just a few if-s, and as time passed i added more and more and came to this. Tried refactoring it by my self and ...
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PHP code to connect to Facebook API

I was given a tech test for a prospective job a small game that uses Facebook API to connect a user then to guess the image. The feedback from the employer was good but they said they had to modify ...
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Building a "LIKE" query in Yii2

This code makes an SQL query. The last andWhere() method adds a LIKE condition with one percentage sign at the right side of the ...
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3 answers

Comparison of PHP/Yii controllers

I was recently asked to write a Question-and-Answer feature for my company's product pages using Yii 1. It was my first Yii project, and it was a little rough around the edges (Code A). However, when ...
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Generating the property name of an object

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