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Windows Runtime (WinRT) is a Microsoft platform architecture that allows applications to run in a sandboxed environment exposing a 'Windows Modern Style' UI/UX. Not to be confused with Windows RT, the edition of Windows 8 for ARM devices; see windows-rt.

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1 answer

Deflating a Stream using System.IO.Compression

I receive messages from a MessageWebSocket connection frequently, which are compressed with zlib. The following code decompresses them to a stream which can be read ...
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Pulling time and date from the internet

I'm pulling the time and date from the internet because when the user turns the Raspberry Pi off, it loses its date and time settings and unfortunately Windows 10 IoT is very slow to correct it. I ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Cancellable UI loader

I'm playing with async/await, but I have yet to discover a standard method to safely cancel an intensive task. I have tested the following, and it works exactly as intended, though I remain unsure if ...
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Restore SQLite database backup

I have an application that provides the user the ability to backup the local SQLite database to another location. I then provide the ability to restore the backup database and overwrite the current ...
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6 votes
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XAML Markup Improvements

I have a Windows Store and Windows Phone app, and in this app I have many pages like this: ...
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Loading data into a number of different typed List<T>s: Can I do without reflection?

I'm not sure whether my distaste for reflection is justified or not, but it feels ucky that I'm using reflection here. I'm trying to make a very simple class which has a number of ...
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15 votes
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Verifying the type of an AggregateException's inner exception in a unit test

I've got the following code inside an integration test. ...
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