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Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that allows anyone to edit articles.

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Changing every link on page, in fastest way possible

I have created a script (mediawiki gadget), which iterates over every redlink in a rendered wiki-page (that is, over every href with class new, signifying an ...
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Count the frequency of n-grams in a random Wikipedia corpus

This code counts the frequency of n-grams in a random Wikipedia corpus, as of now, it downloads everything, than performs all the counting. In your opinion is there a way to perform downloading and ...
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Finding a path from one wikipedia page to another using semantic similarity of links (Spacy)

I've just picked coding back up for the first time in a long time, so I understand if your eyes bleed looking at this code. It all works, but I'd be grateful for any tips (how to improve the python ...
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Upgrade script for MediaWiki website with one external addon (wave 1)

I have a MediaWiki 1.33.0 website with only one external addon installed (external extension), which is ContactPage. I have created the following script with that logic: if there is an upgrade to ...
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Python web-scraper to download table of transistor counts from Wikipedia

I have been looking for answers for how to easily scrape data from Wikipedia into a CSV file with Beautiful Soup. This is the code so far. Is there an easier way to do it? ...
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Wiki Link Mapper — A webcrawler which crawls links recursively and prints them into a graph

I would like some suggestions on how to make it better and also if any features that i should add to this Script. I am using beautifulsoup,requests for scraping and networkx for plotting the graph. ...
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Finding Wikipedia articles with specific types of user page links

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Wikipedia Random Page in Category Bot

I recently wrote a Python script to generate a random page within a Wikipedia category and its subcategories: ...
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Java - Downloading Wikipedia Articles

This is my first experiment that uses a network API and connects to the internet. I tried to write a program that gives you an article of wikipedia directly by typing the name. You can get an ...
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Showing a Wikipedia article's changes as Git commits

I created a small-ish NodeJS script which takes as argument the name of a Wikipedia article (and optionally a Wikipedia edition, "en" is default) and creates a Git repository with each change made to ...
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Degrees of Wikipedia

Here is my attempt on implementing "Degrees of Wikipedia" (much faster version can be seen at's basically an algorithm which tries to connect two unrelated Wikipedia pages by ...
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Small program to download wikipedia articles to pdf

I made a small app to download wikipedia articles (and optionally those that it links to) as PDFs to take on the go. I'd eventually like to do a text-to-speech option and save the article as an mp3, ...
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Reaching the philosophy wiki page - Follow Up

This is a follow up to my original post: I've written a class that will start from a random Wikipedia page, then choose the first link in the main body, and then navigate following the links until ...
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Reaching the philosophy wiki page

I've written a class that will start from a random Wikipedia page, then choose the first link in the main body, and then navigate following the links until it finds the Philosophy page. When I run the ...
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Reading a file representing word frequencies in Wikipedia, for clustering analysis

I am writing a system that will run Kmeans to determine the most used words in Wikipedia. I do this by building a core set with streaming data. Wikipedia is 50TB but after a year of processing I was ...
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Parsing Wikipedia table with Python

I am new to Python and recently started exploring web crawling. The code below parses the S&P 500 List Wikipedia page and writes the data of a specific table into a database. While this script is ...
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JavaScript Wikipedia search using jQuery autocomplete

The goal is to query the Wikipedia API with a search, and present the user the autocomplete options based on an API call that shows possible Wikipedia pages when entering the search using the jQuery ...
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Finding shortest paths in a Wikipedia article graph using Java

(See also Finding shortest paths in a Wikipedia article graph using Java - second attempt.) I have this sort of a web crawler that asks for two (English) Wikipedia article titles (the source and the ...
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Wikipedia search using the JSON API

What could I do better in my code or logic? Wikipedia Search ...
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Prepending textbox to Wikipedia thumbnail picture

I'm working on small Javascript code that adds text from a clicked-href to the top right corner of the Wikipedia page. So for example, if I click the "Jamaican" link in Sly and Robbie, a textbox would ...
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HTML for Wikipedia infoboxes

Wikipedia uses Infoboxes for many of its articles. They contain basic information in a structured form about the topic. Take for example the articles about Stack Overflow and donkeys. Their structure ...
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Parsing Wikipedia data in Python

I'm new to Python and would like some advice or guidance moving forward. I'm trying to parse Wikipedia data into something uniform that I can put into a database. I've looked at wiki parsers but from ...
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Simple word translator taking advantage of Wikipedia

This is my first Clojure script (simple word translator based on Wikipedia), and I guess there are things which could be simplified / done more idiomatic way. Specifically, I wonder if ...
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