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ShareImage: Place Texts on Images to generate Social Media Preview Images

ShareImage is a project which lets you use an Image ("Template") and place text over it, to generate Social Media Preview Images, the ones used in the ...
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Vega lite plot rendering with Yew (rust + wasm)

I wanted to render some Vega plots in a rust+wasm web application I've been building with Yew. I'm a bit new to Rust, so I'm looking for feedback on runtime safety and stylistic issues. I was ...
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AEC-to-WebAssembly compiler in C++

Now that my new compiler is capable of compiling programs such as the Analog Clock in AEC, I've decided to share the code of that compiler with you, to see what you think about it. File ...
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Rust/WebAssembly VS pure JavaScript benchmark in Node.js

I've wanted to try Rust and WebAssembly for a while. I recently realized that I could try both at the same time by compiling Rust to WebAssembly. I wanted to know what the performances of something ...
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Printing random lines from a file and compiling it to WebAssembly for web view

I want to learn Wasm and Rust. This project can execute Wasm from GitHub Pages. The first attempts failed because of some policy error with the Wasm MIME type. When I tried Yew Framework then it ...
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