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Questions tagged [vulkan]

Vulkan is a graphics standard and API which targets the desktop, workstation and mobile segments, and is intended as a replacement for OpenGL. Vulkan is used for applications like CAD software and computer games. It is also cross-platform and with bindings for several programming languages. Use this tag together with the appropriate language tag for code that uses Vulkan libraries; add the 'glsl' or 'spir-v' tag for questions which include shader code.

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C++ and RAII - pass reference in constructor just to be sure that GLFW is initialized [closed]

I'm beginning to work with GLFW and Vulkan and I'm abstracting it on some classes. I'm also trying to enforce the RAII pattern. I want to have a Window class, and during this Window creation I want to ...
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Vulkan application to draw a triangle

I've been following the ever popular '' guide on Vulkan and the result is this program which draws a multicolored triangle. I'm interested in finding out how to make my code more ...
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ad hoc logging in c++ projects

I am currently going through this Vulkan tutorial. An extra excercise was writing a function which checks if the hardware you are running on supports the extensions other libraries require (GLFW in ...
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Managed Vulkan API Wrapper (create/destroy an instance)

I'm trying to follow this Vulkan API tutorial and have come up with an implementation that I don't completely loathe. The VkUtf8StringArray class is my least ...
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Voxel Engine with Vulkan

Here is my voxel engine. I want some review for performance on the renderer. What can be improved? What must change? Also I'm not sure it is efficient to use vkWaitQueueIdle for syncing. The end goal ...
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