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Questions tagged [uwp]

The Universal Windows Platform is a common platform for all devices running Windows 10. The UWP is separated into device families like PC, Mobile, IoT and many more. The UWP allows you to use common code for all device families.

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Coordination function

This function started very clean but I had to add requirements: Added a Stopwatch to only update the caller periodically. I guess that responsibility could be ...
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TCP client reading socket asynchronously

I'm relatively new to .Net/UWP networking and have been trying to make sense of the APIs. I'd like to implement a TCP client that is capable of reading and sending messages independently (there is no ...
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List nearby bluetooth devices as well as devices in the database

I made a list of all nearby printer devices (that match the same name in the database) as well as all printer devices from the database. They are separated in the list by "--". I am able to get the ...
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