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Questions tagged [unit-conversion]

Code whose primary purpose is to convert quantities from one system of measurement to another

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Converting between cooking measurements

I've made an Android app that converts between cooking measurements, taking into account the type of product you use (that way it can convert between mass and volume by using the density). What are ...
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RGB to YCbCr conversion in Java

I found a Go language code to do RGB to YCbCr conversion from here! I ported it to Java: ...
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Temperature Scale Converter in Prolog

Problem statement: Write a program that converts all given temperatures from a given input temperature scale to a given output temperature scale. The temperature scales to be supported are Kelvin, ...
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SI type safe unit calculations (revised)

This is the continuation of the questions raised in this thread I did include the improvements that were mentioned but still feel like, I do more copies than I need to. Also I am unsure about the ...
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Binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal conversion in Elisp

Every once in a while I need to convert numbers between bases. As far as I'm aware there are no existing commands that let you do this in Emacs, so I added some. These functions convert numbers at ...
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Module for converting between three currencies

I am creating a simple currency converter, which accepts only 3 currencies. Everything is working fine, just my code doesn't look so good. I tried to wrap it revealing module pattern, and still ...
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