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Touch-based interfaces have unique considerations that do not apply to other modes of input, and vice versa.

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Small calibration script for xinput

I've written this as an alternative to xinput_calibrator when it wasn't working for me. It's my first crack at several things: ...
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Touchscreen Right Click

I have built a small script that provides touch screen right click context menu with long touch press in my ELAN touchscreen. There is no need to remove your finger in order context menu to pop up. ...
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CSS3 Dropdown Menu (touch device or mouse compatible)

This may be rather basic, but I wanted to experiment and learn with some of the upcoming CSS3 techniques. I wasn't able to come up with an HTML/CSS only solution, and I had to work longer than I'd ...
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Creating a Game Map

I'm trying to make a kind of Dungeon Keeper clone. I got the code up and running and even supporting touch events. But I don't think it's as well optimized as it could be, so I am looking for help and ...
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Mobile touch menu

I want to make a menu-item which: Reveals a drop-down submenu, when the item is hovered (using a mouse) or touched (using a touch-screen). Lets you click on a link in the submenu, while the submenu ...
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Small jQuery mobile plugin to handle touch events

Why this plugin: I am developing a mobile app - at some point, I felt like this would be a good idea to give the users the possibility to control everything in the app with touch gestures, hence the ...
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Handling Hover Events on a Touch Screen

A website I have designed uses a nav menu that shows submenus on :hover. The initial site did not use any responsive design: it targeted only the desktop ...
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Simple touch-scroll-slide system for a magazine

I'm developing a publishing engine and trying to find better ways to optimize the code. The end result is to have an open-source alternative to publish content on mobile devices. For now, though, I ...
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