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Questions tagged [tex]

TeX is a typesetting system, where the output is defined by command-sequences. Note that is specifically dedicated to TeX questions.

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CMYK shadings implementation for PGF

PGF is a graphics framework for \$\TeX\$ and friends. It supports shadings (gradients), but only in RGB. There is often a need to output shadings in CMYK and I am having a go at implementing this. I'...
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5 votes
0 answers

B+ Tree Visualization in LaTeX/TikZ

I have written a LaTeX package to visualize B+ trees. The main purpose is to provide a simple but powerful package which provides a convenient interface. However, this is my first LaTeX package and ...
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TikZ: Arrow pointing to circle from inside through two points

Originally posted here; this comment suggested that I ask this question on this site instead. The code at the bottom produces the correct drawing, shown below. The issue is that I don't think I drew ...
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Parsing BibTeX in JavaScript

I have a project for which I need to parse BibTeX strings. In v0.2.9 and before, I used Regex, and I want to change that. I set up a while loop system that reads ...
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Recursive path drawing in Latex

I have some diagrams I'm drawing using tikz and I'd like to make a macro to draw them for me. I will describe it fully but here are some examples so you can follow along: The diagram has a number of ...
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KaTeX extension to Markdown

I've created a JS snippet to enhance markdown at display-time with KaTeX math rendering. (Specifically, this is mostly for documentation of math-heavy libraries where the host language documentation ...
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