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Symfony is a PHP framework developed by SensioLabs. Symfony 4 was released November 2017.

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Find qualifications that are expiring [closed]

I have the following function that returns StaffQualifications where either the qualification is expiring or the qualification type is expiring, but this section doesn't seem to sit well with me as it ...
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How to refactor Symfony 5 controller to comply with SOLID design principles

I am trying to create this API endpoint that will accept JSON payload and will calculate quote based on provided factors and their ratings. I have Entities that contain information about: ...
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Symfony rest endpoint for get a number products of one user

I want to improve quality of this symfony rest endpoint (solid principle, Kiss, best practice...) Can you review my code please? Symfony controllController function that return json list of product <...
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Using PHP goto Labels for code folding

I've been using PHP labels in my Controllers for code folding. PHP labels are actually used with goto statements. But I'm using labels only because it's so much ...
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Symfony 4 translate Entity fields

I have been developing multilanguage website based on Symfony4. Structure of one of the tables: Field Type Null Key Default Extra id int(11) NO PRI NULL auto_increment title_en varchar(255) NO ...
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