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Symfony is an open source PHP web development framework for PHP 5.5.9+, focusing on easy and fast development cycles and including state-of-the-art design patterns and programming philosophies.

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Wrapper for Google_Service_Calendar as a Symfony service

My app interacts with Google Calendar. This Service wraps Google_Service_Calendar: ...
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Use a pattern for fields validation

I need to validate the fields of user sent by an API. All works fine but the only one problem is that I don't like the solution is not an OOP solution. In the controller I call the service created by ...
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Symfony: Encrypt ID's on postLoad event

I am building an application that is becoming some kind of social media platform. I need to work a lot with the entities ID's in the HTML and Javascript for the purpose of AJAX calls. However, for ...
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Best approach to parse data from multiple APIs to Entities in PHP

I built an application that extracts and updates data from multiple ecommerces websites. Each eCommerce is either built using platforms/frameworks such as Shopify, Prestashop or WooCommerce. This ...
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Many to many (n to m) relationship without insert duplication php

I managed to make a many to many relationship work correctly using mysql, doctrine 2 and symfony 3.4. When a new element A that contains 0 to m element Bs is inserted, the B elements that already ...
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PHPUnit test recomendations

This is my first PHPUnit test with mocks, for a Symfony 3 project. Can anyone give me some advice about this code? ...
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Using Symfony forms without a database entity

I've been developing an application based on Symfony 3, and part of that application involves an import process where a user can upload csv files. One thing that I've never been too sure about with ...
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