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Symfony is an open source PHP web development framework for PHP 5.5.9+, focusing on easy and fast development cycles and including state-of-the-art design patterns and programming philosophies.

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Build a set of REST interfaces using Symfony framework

I have got a technical challenge from a company but they reject my code and I'm not sure how to do this challenge in a more efficient way so I'm here to get some guidance. The Technical challenge was:...
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Wrapper for Google_Service_Calendar as a Symfony service

My app interacts with Google Calendar. This Service wraps Google_Service_Calendar: ...
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Best approach to parse data from multiple APIs to Entities in PHP

I built an application that extracts and updates data from multiple ecommerces websites. Each eCommerce is either built using platforms/frameworks such as Shopify, Prestashop or WooCommerce. This ...
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Use a pattern for fields validation

I need to validate the fields of user sent by an API. All works fine but the only one problem is that I don't like the solution is not an OOP solution. In the controller I call the service created by ...
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Symfony: Encrypt ID's on postLoad event

I am building an application that is becoming some kind of social media platform. I need to work a lot with the entities ID's in the HTML and Javascript for the purpose of AJAX calls. However, for ...
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Many to many (n to m) relationship without insert duplication php

I managed to make a many to many relationship work correctly using mysql, doctrine 2 and symfony 3.4. When a new element A that contains 0 to m element Bs is inserted, the B elements that already ...
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Model database for contract renewal

I have made a contract renewal system in Symfony and Doctrine, and it works, but I think it can be improved, but I make too many requests to the database. These are my models: ...
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Function/method to get selective columns

Is it possible to simplify getRows() or it is fine as it is now? ...
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TodoList in Symfony 3

This little project is about working with doctrine Entity object and everything is working fine. This is my first project in Symfony 3. Please review my service file and give me some advice to ...
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PHPUnit test recomendations

This is my first PHPUnit test with mocks, for a Symfony 3 project. Can anyone give me some advice about this code? ...
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Using Symfony forms without a database entity

I've been developing an application based on Symfony 3, and part of that application involves an import process where a user can upload csv files. One thing that I've never been too sure about with ...
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