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Symfony2 is an open source PHP web development framework for PHP 5.3.9+ focusing on easy and fast development cycles and including state-of-the-art design patterns and programming philosophies. Symfony should not be confused with Symphony CMS

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Building a console application using a DI service container

I am working on a project that will allow developers to create a console application using a dependency injection service container. Both the console and container are Symfony components with some ...
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View helper for creating HTML elements with DOM

I have attempted to create a view helper class which makes programmatically creating HTML strings less verbose and hopefully simpler. This is inspired by the tag helpers in Rails. It's compatible ...
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Which pattern could help to refactor this controller code?

I know I should use services and patterns to refactor this controller action, but I can't imagine one that could fit/be appropriate for this problem. It seems a strategy or template, but a strategy ...
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Symfony controller to register and activate users

I've been in an interview some time ago. They objected my Symfony API code with following line: Too much code in controller actions. Can be moved to services to keep the business logic apart ...
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