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SwiftUI is an Apple framework for building user interfaces using a declarative Swift syntax.

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Lists With Generic Data Types In SwiftUI

I've written a simple list in SwiftUI that accepts a generic data type. The goal was to make a reusable list where when an item was selected, the list would execute a callback with the selected data. ...
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Counting many to one relationship in Core Data

I tried to create simple application, yet I encountered problem with relationship using Core Data in SwiftUI. I have 2 simple models, ParentEntity: ...
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Caesar Cipher in Swift (iOS-app)

I have implemented the Caesar Cipher in Swift and incorporated it into an iOS-app. I guess it's formally correct. Please see the attached images, which show how the usage of the app is meant. Here's ...
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Moving Timer from a View to a ViewModeller-class?

I have a Timer in my View right now, but I want to move it outside to my ViewModel-class. I have experimented a bit and came up with a working solution. The code works and produces expected output, ...
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SwiftUI/Swift code for changing item values in an immutable struct

just wanted someone to review my code and perhaps simplify it a bit. Everything is working as expected for the moment but it seems too much code for what i'm trying to achieve. Especially the function ...
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SwiftUI Reusable Login & Register View

I have this view in SwiftUI; it works as expected, and for the most part, works great. My only concern with it is that it feels extremely clunky. Reading through the view itself is very difficult. ...
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Structure and readability of the code in swift ios

For a job in company I had to do a code assignment. My assignment performs all the required tasks needed to be done. But after one month the company provided me a feedback and said that we have ...
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Use of parentheses in Swift [closed]

I am learning Swift and just had a quick question about use of parentheses. The code below runs just fine w/o using parentheses, but it certainly looks a lot cleaner using them in this instance. So my ...
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SwiftUI custom ScrollView with snap interval

Due that fact that SwiftUI has poor ScrollView customization and doesn't support snap interval from the box I decided to implement my custom component to support ...
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A Daily goals list 'Dopamine Box'

Inspired by Mike Boyd's 'Dopamine Box' video: link, I decided it would be a good project to pursue by myself in swift. The end goal is to make it look like the box in the video, with switches and a ...
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Display a Text() with a foreground color based on a condition

I decided to write a simple tab bar for macOS using Swift. tabs.swift ...
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Navigation strategies for a SwiftUI-based app using MVVM pattern

I'm finding it difficult to decide on the best architectural pattern for a SwiftUI app but, for the moment, I'm sticking with MVVM as I found this a good fit conceptually. I'm trying to avoid the ...
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Break music player into usable components in SwiftUI

I created a music player using swiftUI.I need to ask a question when I break up my player into usable components. How should I take this approach with the music player? because the music player is one ...
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SwiftUI Dot indicator

I want to understand if I got this concept correctly. I should start work from ViewState; a reference type object holding the state of a view. Here it is called <...
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Combine asynchronous return values in SwiftUI

I have 2 asynchronous return values from 2 different classes, one from HealthKit, the other from MotionManager. I combine the outcome of these classes through a combinedViewModel. The code works, but ...
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SwiftUI Passing closure between sibling views

This is my current View hierarchy: ParentView:View { ChildView1: UIViewRepresentable ChildView2: View } In ChildView2 I have a button who's action I ...
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100DaysofSwiftUI - Project 1 - Challenge 1: Convert temperature units: Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin

This is my code to solve the challenge in 100 Days of SwiftUI by Paul Hudson. This is the first challenge in the series and I chose to convert the temperature units from C° -> F°, F° -> C°, C° -> K° ...
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Draw a spark line with SwiftUI

I am using a set of data points (currently randomly generated), and drawing a line graph inside a box: ...
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