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Apache Subversion is an open-source centralized version control system.

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Creating a proper workflow through version control and a Makefile

disclaimer: I've posted this around but the question keeps being put on hold for being inherently opinionated which I understand, just looking for some vague direction as to how a more experienced ...
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Improving the load time of a commit list for a specific branch and tag from a SVN repo

My app lists commits from a specific branch and tag on a SVN repo. The commit list is afterwards transferred to the front end which is a web app. The method for retrieving the commits takes a rather ...
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SVNKit - Speed up diff on large repositories

I have large amounts of sometimes massive Subversion repositories I'm trying to scan to find the number of additions, deletions, and files changed, similar to what GitHub does. Because of this, the ...
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Efficiently calculating differences between file using diff file

I'm using SVNKit to get diff information between two revisions. I'm using the diff utility to generate a diff file, however I still need to parse it into numbers. I implemented a solution, but it is ...
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Speed up SVN backup

The following batch script runs on a Scheduled Task on Windows 7 with a quad core 2.5GHz and 16GB of DDR3. It makes the svn server unavailable for about 10 minutes, so it can produce a 500MB file, ...
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Bash function to create the next SVN release tag

I've created the below script and would appreciate any feedback. ...
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