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Python Enum Strategy Pattern

I have two behaviours: pulling or cloning a git repository. It started as an Enum, but then I had to switch over the enum all the time. I wanted to turn it into some kind of strategy pattern and ...
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Strategy Pattern Inside State Pattern

I'm making a fps game where I created a hierarchical state machine; the problem is the two types of movement (standing movement and crouching movement). They are very similar; the only difference is ...
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Entities with varied Movement polymorphic implementations in Julia

I have very basic principle. I have multiple types of entities with some shared functionality. Some of this functionality is highly customizable and you want to be able to swap it out even for a ...
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Applying the Strategy pattern for payment methods

The strategy pattern is applied in the code below in the payment separation solution. Please evaluate if it is well done according to standards. I would be very grateful for suggestions. ...
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Virtual method with variations for different types

Each animal type will call reactToOwner() and exhibit its own behaviour. So simply define a reactToOwner() override for each ...
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Implementation of Strategy Pattern for Task Scheduler

I need to implement a feature that schedules notifications to a user to which a Task has been assigned. The schedule could be one-time or on a ...
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Refactor typescript long switch case that run different code in according to property value

I have a typescript function that executes an array of actions on a given string value. This is the code: ...
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Strategy Design Pattern in ASP.Net Core MVC Project

I tried to make a calculator using the Strategy pattern in ASP.Net Core MVC (following an example from the Internet) Please review my code and tell me what could be wrong and how to make it better? My ...
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on using the strategy pattern to switch between database layers

I'd like to build an app in Flask that can switch between talking to a PostGresql and a Mongo DB. As I understand it, the Strategy Pattern is about being able to switch algorithms that are referred ...
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refactor python strategy pattern to use abstract base class

I came across this strategy pattern implementation ...
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Implement Strategy pattern for 1. Print Report. 2. Movie type [closed]

I need to know whether I have implemented Strategy pattern correctly for below 3 classes provided to me for 2 tasks.1) Report Generation 2) Movie Type. Below 3 classes were provided to me ...
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Generating packing slips depending on product type

My abstract class. Product will have multiple child classes those will be different types of Product ...
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Calculator Object Oriented Design

I am aiming to implement a calculator in an object-oriented way. Here is the solution by using the strategy pattern. Looking forward to some valuable comments. ...
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