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Questions tagged [steganography]

Steganography is the study of hidden information in pictures, text, or audio. It covers both methods of concealing information and methods of detecting hidden information.

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Text to image steganography

This simple implementation hides text secrets (S) in images by manipulating the least significant bits (lsb) on Pixels. How it works When encrypting I take a three pixel "chunk" for each ...
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PNG steganography tool in C

This is a steganography tool enabling you to conceal any file within a PNG file. In order to compile the program you need libpng to be installed on the system. It is one of my personal projects and I ...
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Simple program to hide messages in files (steganography)

That is a simple program to hide text messages in text files. I'd like to hear any advices to improve my code and style. Some notes: There is no error handling to simplify the program. It is not a «...
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LSB Image Steganography

After learning the concept of steganography, I've decided to code an application for it in PHP out of all languages, using the Least Significant Bit technique. A pixel of a colored image generally ...
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Hiding message within an audio file with entropy detection

i'm currently making an application using python to hide a message in an audio file (WAV only for now). The hiding itself is done pretty quickly and without any problems, but i want to calculate the ...
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LSB steganography with pure Python

As this is pure Python so using loop with big files make the code very slow any improvements or suggestions. Hide Code ...
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YouTube playlist steganography: hide secret messages inside YouTube playlists

I have created this repo on GitHub and I have shown how this software works through a video. If you have time, please visit the repo and read the files. I'll post some relevant snippets below, but if ...
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My images have secrets A.K.A. the making of aesthetic passwords

This is my implementation of a prng steganography tool written in Python. You can also find the code on GitHub. Steganography is the art of hiding messages in (images, videos or even audio) I've ...
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Python Steganographer using PIL

I've made a Python Steganographer using the Python Imaging Library. It basically encodes the binary text in the last 'n' bits of the red content in each pixel of the image. Here is my code, please ...
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Steganography on PPM images

I have recently finished a project on stenography on P3 images and just wanted some advice if there was any improvements I could make on my code. I am new to C so not sure if what I am doing is the ...
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Incrementing colors

I just started messing around with Java's BufferedImage. I had an idea to try to encode a message into a picture by coloring each pixel a certain color that ...
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The veiled guise of binary and string

Challenge Conceal a binary code within a word. Specifications The first argument is a path to a file. The file contains multiple lines. Each line is a test case represented by a space separated ...
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Steganography with AES encryption

I created a small program that hides arbitrary files in png images using steganography - it encodes the files in the two least significant bits of every channel, so using a 4-channel png we can encode ...
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Image Stenography using LSB technique

The program can be used to hide an image within another image and later extract the hidden image. This is done by concealing the secret image within the lowest bits of the apparent image. Example of a ...
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Storing data in the pixels of an image

I've recently redone something I wrote around a year ago since I'd done it wrong (it required the original image to decode an imagine, which can be avoided), so I'm wondering if I could either get ...
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Steganographic message hiding

This code hides a message in an image by altering the blue values in the top left part. This is just for fun as I think it would be easy for a cryptographer to find and decrypt this. Original With ...
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Steganography - images within images

Normally, you would change the LSB of the RGB channels in a pixel, they would represent the bits you are storing in the image. My method differs in that I represent my bits as either odd or even ...
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Steganography for images

For a school project I'm working on a small library to do steganography. I've just finished the first method of steganography and thought I'd get some feedback. This steganography method works by ...
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