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Secure Shell - a network protocol for exchanging data throughout secure channel with most common uses of remote command execution (remote shell/console) and file transfer. Use this tag for programs and scripts using the SSH protocol, including the associated SCP and SFTP file-transfer mechanisms.

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Command-line ssh address book app

I'm trying to learn a bit about Golang and decided to try out building an SSH address book command-line app. I used a YAML library to serialize and store data in a configuration file. The app has a ...
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Tauri/Rust small program to upload files with use of threads and openssh

First time I'm using Rust in one of my programs and I feel a lot can be improved. I don't have any colleagues / friends that already used Rust so this is the only way to get some validation that it's ...
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Bash script to mirror XWindow to remote SSH host

The source code within this question aims to provide a short-cut for mirroring a local XWindow (or session) to a remote host via SSH port forwarding, such as: ...
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Transfer data from a PLC on remote server into MQTT

Newbie here. I want to write a code that can open an SSH Tunnel for a remote server, then read out the data from a PLC and transfers it in JSON format via MQTT. This is my code, but I don't think this ...
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Bash script to scp specific, most-recent files from remote server

I'm writing a helper script that I wish to be able to share with my co-workers. We all work using macOS Mojave, but all have their own shell configurations. For example, I actually use ZSH and bash 5....
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SSH log in to multiple devices, save local config and transfer to backup server

I don't really know the best way to deal with long lines. The comments may be a little excessive. To me it seems like too much code for how "little" is actually done. I'm not that experienced and want ...
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Concurrent SSH session pool

In my application I need to perform several SSH commands from Windows to a Linux machine. Since I need to reduce as much as possible the SSH calls overhead and also limit the number of concurrent ...
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Python Local/Remote File Manager & RSync Terminal User Interface (TUI)

I have been working on a Python Curses terminal user interface for RSync for a little while now. I recently visited code review and recieved some help with cleaning up the code to make it more ...
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Wrap an ssh2 connection neatly and pass commands

I want to structure this better but don't think I'm handling results well. I'm used to python and I think my flow is way off. Is this bad design? Should my results be Result<String, Error>? I'm ...
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SSH Port Forwarding - golang

I developed this small code to make my life easier when I work with remote machines over ssh tunnel crossing a bastion host. I would like to publich it so others could benefit/learn from it. So I ...
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ssh key install

I wrote script to install public key of my system to remote host. I had tested the script it is working fine for me. script take data like IP password and ssh port form CVS file. I do not want to use ...
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Polling an SFTP server to list files in a directory

When is it better to instantiate the sftp client globally vs inside a function as shown below? What considerations favor one method over the other? For a long ...
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Generating ssh keys from core

I have started to create a console app, which I am testing locally on my mac. The idea is to generate an ssh key and structure the storage of these keys within the ...
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