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Secure Shell - a network protocol for exchanging data throughout secure channel with most common uses of remote command execution (remote shell/console) and file transfer. Use this tag for programs and scripts using the SSH protocol, including the associated SCP and SFTP file-transfer mechanisms.

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1 answer

Are your servers down...?

If you came here because of the title, chances are your server isn't down. But if by some miraculous reason it is: A while ago, I posted a program that would ssh and ping all the servers at work. I ...
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SFTP Ruby script for downloading files from server

I have written this Ruby script to download some file from server using SFTP. Help me improve this one. Find the original script at this link ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Server status checker

I've created a program for work that checks the status of all our servers quickly. What we use to have to do is ssh into each server manually. I'm looking for some ...
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Basic automation of SSH tasks in a restricted environment

I'm trying to implement a simple automation solution in a restricted environment. I have actually implemented something but it took a bit longer than I wanted. I want to improve the solution and I'll ...
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