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ASP.NET SignalR is a new library for ASP.NET developers that makes it incredibly simple to add real-time web functionality to your applications. What is "real-time web" functionality? It's the ability to have your server-side code push content to the connected clients as it happens, in real-time.

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SignalR multiple connection hub callbacks on SPA

Using VueJS plugin feature I created an NotificationHub, I have a requirement where I need to call hub multiple times on the same Vue screen. But this causes a lot of callbacks. so I am just ...
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Handling sessions in SignalR core

I am using .Net 5, and I am making game server using SignalR core. Ther're 2 ways to inject service to my classes. 1- Constructor injection: where I must separate functions and data, even if it's ...
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Over overloaded method

I am using SignalR to send notifications to clients. I use IClientProxy which is a proxy for invoking hub methods. It has 10 overload methods for ...
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Uploading files through streaming with SignalR

I want to upload files from my Javascript client to my WebAPI. With this I want to have a progress bar. My Idea was to cut the files up in chunks and then stream them via SingalR since we are using ...
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Inter module communication

I have two modules, Notification which basically contains SignalR hubs and CoreSetup which contains core setup logic in it. I have a class in CoreSetup module which keeps track of employee location . ...
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Playing Checkers

Continuing with my web-based checkers game, this question is about the actual playing system. I'll ask for a review on my UI system in the next post. First, my BoardController.cs. Note that I have ...
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Push messages for a group of clients

In my application i use SignalR to push messages to connected clients. The messages pushed to a client is dependent on the group the client is in. For this I have a ...
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React, Redux and SignalR connection dependent on global jQuery

I'm writing a react/redux application and I'm on a stage when I need to connect it with backend made with .net using a signalR socket connection. At the moment I've established interconnection ...
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Push notifications to clients with SignalR c#

In my web application I want to load all data to client side from the server on power up. After that I want all communication be managed through Signalr - meaning that each update the server will send ...
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First SignalR application (Connecting 2 clients; mobile and desktop)

Two days ago I started reading about SignalR and today I started writing a simple application. I have written the code below so far, but I was wondering if you have some tips to improve my code. ...
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A polling method and nested loop

There are 12 gates. Using our face recognition system, we check every person who tries to enter each gates. My MVC web application is to show the result data to the gate-keeper. And this is the ...
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Send message with SignalR to client(s) from injected (IoC) method

I am new with SignalR and still a newbie with IoC Container SimpleInjector and I am ...
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