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sh, aka Bourne Shell, is the Unix Shell, the standard shell since v7 Unix. POSIX has standardized the shell, and portable shell scripts should conform to /bin/sh syntax.

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sh script to open related URL based on possible nicknames

I'm new to sh and I would like to get feedback on how I can improve my code. The purpose is simple; I want to open the Jenkins JOB related to a service based on its possible aliases. If I map a ...
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Outputting a standalone shell script from arguments

I am solving an exercise. Essentially, it's a shell script that takes in file and/or directory arguments and outputs another (standalone) shell script that outputs these files, including any directory ...
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Code to backup the history file in Linux

How is the logic, efficiency and can it be improved? This is a snippet from my .bashrc file; I just wrote it and I've tested it and it almost works. This was the ...
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Shell script to manage passwords

To get my feet wet with shell scripting I wrote this "minimal command line password manager" (aka pwm) taking inspiration from the well known ...
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Script to configure Synaptics touchpad

I have a shell script to configure Synaptics touchpad settings at login. Background You configure the touchpad with the synclient command. Its usage is ...
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sudoedit_enhanced written POSIX-ly (readlink possible problem?)

sudoedit_enhanced written POSIX-ly challenge While creating sudoedit_enhanced POSIX (apart from ...
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