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Substitution failure is not an error (SFINAE) refers to a situation in C++ where an invalid substitution of template parameters is not in itself an error. This exploit can be used as a means to implement several template metaprogramming techniques.

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Using SFINAE with wrappers to terminate compilation early

The Goal Provide some wrappers to a C++11 template library's main entry point so that if the initial template parameter is not valid, the user is informed of exactly what is missing. In the real ...
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Improving constexpr invoke function C++17, alternative to std::invoke

I've learned that in C++17, std::invoke isn't constexpr. To make a constexpr version, I could copy the implementation provided here: , OR I ...
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Making std::optional a monad via SFINAE

To practice with SFINAE, template meta programming, functional programming and monads in C++, I decided to try writing a skinny version of the two functions (monadic binding and return) that make <...
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