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Substitution failure is not an error (SFINAE) refers to a situation in C++ where an invalid substitution of template parameters is not in itself an error. This exploit can be used as a means to implement several template metaprogramming techniques.

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Improving constexpr invoke function C++17, alternative to std::invoke

I've learned that in C++17, std::invoke isn't constexpr. To make a constexpr version, I could copy the implementation provided here: , OR I ...
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Making std::optional a monad via SFINAE

To practice with SFINAE, template meta programming, functional programming and monads in C++, I decided to try writing a skinny version of the two functions (monadic binding and return) that make <...
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Estimate 𝜋 using Machin's formula

Overview Below is a simple program to estimate pi to the full precision of the provided type. It uses Machin's formula, but this question is about coding style / choices. It compares the result to <...
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5 votes
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Using SFINAE to provide "default" output operators

I am an undergraduate CS student trying to implement simple unit test framework on C++ as a pet project. The framework has an assertion macro like ...
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type erased pointer to member function callable and SFINAE [closed]

I'm implementing a std::function like class that uses type erasure. So far it can be used with function objects (functions/function pointers, functors, lamdas) and pointer to member function. But to ...
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Emulating Virtual Registers Part 3

Forward This is a continuation of my work in progress and the last iteration that I posted can be found here. I have designed a compact class template that uses SFINAE with constructor delegation to ...
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9 votes
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C++17 is_integral trait implementation

This is a C++17 is_integral trait implementation. Most implementations exhaust all integral types: bool ...
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Implementation of static_vector using an array of std::aligned_storage, with std::launder and forwarding

I'm trying to expand on the implementation of static_vector on the std::aligned_storage reference page, but would like to split it into two parts. First, an ...
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3 answers

`sfinae</* ... */>` proposal... useful or unnecessary?

I am trying to learn what SFINAE is. I believe I understand it quite well; however, I do not have a lot of practice in the subject. I mean I would find it difficult to list all the cases in which <...
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Using SFINAE with wrappers to terminate compilation early

The Goal Provide some wrappers to a C++11 template library's main entry point so that if the initial template parameter is not valid, the user is informed of exactly what is missing. In the real ...
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Set an order or precedence when calling functions that may or may not exist

In the process of over-engineering a custom library, I implemented expression SFINAE to detect and call specific member functions only if they exist. I also let classes overload these functions and ...
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1 answer

SFINAE with several condition [Refactoring] [closed]

How can I write this function shorter? ...
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C++ template type traits for class members

I have written type traits for checking, if given class T has_member, then if it either ...
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10 votes
3 answers

C++ Vector The basics

Following on from my two previous posts. An alternative vector An Alternative Vector (Copy Assignment Operator) I have written a detailed blog about how to write a minimal vector like class. This ...
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A trait class to detect whether a template is specialized for a given type

Today's question will just be about a small utility that I needed at some point for one of my projects: a template to detect whether a template is specialized for a given type. The utility uses ...
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Continuation Implementation in C++11

While playing with the concurrency features in C++11 I noticed that there wasn't any support for continuations. I wanted to develop something similar to Tasks in The Parallel Patterns Library (PPL), ...
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3 answers

Use of macros to aid visual parsing of SFINAE template metaprogramming

I've recently been introduced to SFINAE to solve the problem of unwanted promotion precedence. i.e. I was hoping to catch integer types with Foo::Foo(long) and ...
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