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Questions tagged [serial-port]

A serial port is a physical interface through which data is transferred (uni- or bidirectionally) one bit at a time. Largely superseded in the consumer market by USB, serial connections are still commonly used in many other specialist applications. Typical applications include scientific/medical instruments, industrial controllers and server diagnostics...

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ASHv2 implementation from scratch - host, transmitter and listener

I am currently implementing the EZSP and the underlying ASHv2 protocols in Rust with the intention to use them on an embedded smart home gateway to control ZigBee devices. In this review I present you ...
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Structure of a serial port reading program

I am writing a serial port communication app. And I thought I could get some feedback about the general structure of the program. If I am doing MVC correct, etc. Since this is a "large" program I ...
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RC Plane Radio using the Raspberry Pi

This python code is for a homemade RC plane radio using the Raspberry Pi and a USB joystick. It sends values over serial to DSM2/X module for RC planes and other RC vehicles. This Python code is ...
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Atmega328 watchdog, sleep and external interrupts

I have a customised Arduino board that will be connected to a battery and never power reset (it needs to be very reliable and cope with code hangs). The board will always be put to sleep when not in ...
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What is better - using SerialPort with or without await/async methods?

I'm having an implementation using SerialPort in C# using Visual Studio 2019. I'm using it in a Windows Application, using .NET Framework 4.7.2. When I open and ...
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Blocking serial port C library

I am planning to write a reasonably feature rich serial library but wanted to cut my teeth on something fairly basic. This serial library is fairly simple. It is a thin wrapper on the UNIX open, ...
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Serial Port Wrapper with Internal Blocking Buffer

Here I have some complete working code but some aspects seem questionable to me. What I have done is written a wrapper for the Microsoft serial port (...
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Fetching a weather report on an Arduino from a web service

I'm writing some code which is basically supposed to http get some information from my own website and parse it, which (finally) works. However, when I compile the code, it shows this: Sketch uses ...
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A simple and efficient packet frame encoder/decoder

I have written a simple packet-framing class, for converting un-encoded 'packets' into encoded/delimited 'frames,' to be sent over a P2P serial connection. The functionality is based on the RFC 1662 "...
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