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A SecureString object is a String-type designed for sensitive information.

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Secure database connection in PHP

I have this code I use to connect to the database and get a thing from it secure, How can I make more secure?? ...
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Secure way to store and load password in app config

I am trying to figure out a good way to store and load a password in the application configuration of my C# application. To achieve this I use the BouncyCastle library and the DPAPI from Windows. To ...
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Hacking a SecureString based on std::basic_string for C++

Inspired by reading "How-to write a password-safe class?", I tried some clever (or dumb-fool) hack to create a widely-useable secure string using the ...
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Converting a SecureString to a byte array

Does it allocates something that hasn't freed? Something that remains in memory? Except result byte array, ofc. ...
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Password building and verification

I'm building a library for myself to use to store user passwords. The library itself shouldn't do the retrieval of data, but it should provide container classes for the data. I would like to know ...
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Sharepoint Authentication Helpers

I'm working on a rather large SharePoint project that's going to contain helper classes for a variety of item levels (sites, webs, lists, items, etc'). When writing code I'm expecting that the same ...
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Hashing a SecureString using Cryptography Next Generation

Goal: I needed to calculate the salted hash of a password, where the password is stored as a SecureString. There doesn't seem to be much .NET framework support for SecureString. In particular, none ...
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Adding SecureString support to Lib2GitSharp

A library that I use doesn't support SecureString in its credentials for connecting to GitHub, so I'm submitting a pull request to add it. I know it's not ideal to ...
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SecureString as SqlParameter value without GC concerns

The purpose here is to make it easy to use sensitive data that is already in the form of a SecureString (example) without converting it to a ...
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Passing a password to a viewmodel

I've got a project I've been working on that connect to a file server and writes some data to a text file. In order to do this I added a textbox for the user to type their username and a passwordbox ...
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