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Recording/Playback thread device in Object Pascal

I have developed an audio recording and playback base device in Free Pascal. This device is built on Free Pascal's TThread class and utilizes the low-level audio ...
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Chess Game with GUI in C++ using SDL2

Introduction So, I recently completed a chess game with a GUI in Python, using Pygame. Upon research, I learned that Pygame is built on SDL, and since I wanted to practice C++ more, I decided to code ...
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SDL2 engine base implementation

I would like a little help with the implementation of my SDL2 engine. It's actually not a real engine nor does it strive to be but I don't have a better word to describe it. The purpose of this ...
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Game of Life in C/SDL2

My first project in C/SDL2 after completing a short tutorial coding Pong. These 2 projects are my entire experience with both C and SDL2, although I had some previous basic experience with Python. I ...
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State machine in C for SDL game [closed]

I want to create a state machine for menu in my SDL game. So this is my code without the SDL. I just want to ask if this is a good way to create it. I am trying to implement a screen and then mouse ...
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Audio visualizer in C++

I have completed my first attempt of a simple music visualizer app for windows in C++ using SDL. It takes system audio and outputs the soundwave in real-time. I'd appreciate some feedback on how I can ...
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Good way to structure a SDL project

I am absolutely new to c++ and am trying to learn SDL2 with c++. I am setting up my first project and I was unsure if the way I have structured the project is good or if I have over done it. Here is ...
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Conway's game of life in C++ using SDL2

I finally finished my Conway's game of life in c++ project and i'd love to find out how to improve the code. main.cpp ...
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