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Sandbox is a security mechanism for containing untrusted programs. Such programs could contain malicious code, which would harm the user's system.

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Is this a watertight javascript sandbox?

I am making a sandbox environment for javascript. For this I create a webworker with this function: (self is a webworkers global context) ...
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Pay with PayPal through cURL and verify

As All PayPal PHP SDK deprecated, I wrote a simple PHP class to make payment with PayPal through cURL and verifying it. Note : I didn't add shipment details for payment because didn't need that. For ...
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Running a JavaScript program from C# with sandboxing

I am using EdgeJS in my application. The application is used to run a user-provided javascript program from C#. Because we allow execution of user scripts some sandboxing is required. I am using vm2 ...
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Sandbox file system for Java

I've recently started work on a hobby project that's basically a sandbox file system written in Java, slightly inspired by PhysicsFS. The point of the project is to separate what files a user can read/...
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modifying globals, "window", "global" and other objects, in a restorable way

Primary Concerns As long as the stash is not within scope, globals such as window/global would effectively be sanitized of any risky methods, such as eval The API feels complete, am I missing ...
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Sandbox or safely execute eval

In a large project of mine, I've run into a situation where a client might need to run evaluated JavaScript code. I know, it makes me cringe too. One option is to manually parse it, but for future ...
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JavaScript Sandbox Pattern

Based on this Stack Overflow question I came up with the following code. I'd like your general thoughts about it. Code style, functional, logical, disadvantages, just anything you can come up based ...
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