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A rendering technique to create a 3D perspective in a 2D map

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Optimize and Simplify Raycasting Code in Unity for Store Clerk Interaction?

I plan to use a raycast for interacting with all things in my games but Im afraid itll be too laggy how can I shorten this code up? ...
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Pygame Texture Ray Caster

Recently I have been attempting to develop a ray caster in python pygame. I managed to get it to work fairly efficiently when using basic colors, but when I altered the program to use textures instead,...
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Implementation of the DDA algorithm with raycasting

I am making a simple game like Wolfenstein 3d on C using raycasting. To calculate the length of the rays, I use the DDA algorithm. I apply the part of the code that calculates the length of the rays ...
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Ray implementation

Problem Statement/Context: Represent a ray, given a origin and direction. Besides this a min_t and max_t value are defined. ...
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Improving performance of raycaster application

Bitbucket link to repo Tutorial I have been following I decided to make a raycaster app and try to understand how it really works. So far so good, I have it up and running. If you download the ...
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Raycasting python (pyagame)

I want to share my raycasting source (the first engine:) this program renders the game map (MAP array) and sprites (sprites_on_map array) ask and criticize! p.s I don't speak/write English very ...
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Optimizing a raycaster

I have finished a raycaster, and I want to optimize it before I add other features, such as variable height walls, texture mapping and lighting. I'd like someone to review the code so I can improve it ...
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2D raycasting implementation

I have implemented a 2D raycast algorithm in SFML to detect walls in a 2D game: How it works Player can move in every direction by w ...
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Hoc462 - A Raycaster

For the past week, I've been making a raycaster in JS and if you want a live demo, you can try it here. It ran smoothly before I added variable height walls but now it is very slow (~15 FPS) so I want ...
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Raycasting algorithm in pygame

For the past week, I've been developing a simple raycasting algorithm. And I've finally managed to work out how to add textures and to get everything I'd like it to. However, even at a ...
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