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Questions tagged [racket]

Racket is an extensible general programming language in the Lisp family.

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Quick Insert Merge Sort

I have written this code to sort a list of numbers, in increasing order. It is a combination of quick sort, insertion sort, and merge sort. I make the first element of the list a pivot, then I go ...
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Racket macro for variadic FFI

I'm working on FFI wrapper for SDL2 library in Racket. The library includes several variadic functions (e.g. SDL_SetError, SDL_LogMessage etc); Racket FFI does not have straight way for importing ...
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Knapsack solution in Scheme/Racket

Following is my solution to Knapsack problem using all combinations of the sent list of items (in Racket programming language). Although it is very short, I am sure it can be improved in many ways. <...
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Graphical editor with geometric intersection

If it is possible I would like some comments on the overall style of the program. It feels like I am writing the whole program as one big script and I'm not sure how to break it down into several ...
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Calculating continued fraction expansions (without requiring arbitrary precision decimals)

I'm writing a program that will compute a continued fraction expansion of a number. I've been learning Racket/Scheme for a few weeks and I wanted to see what I can do better. Usage: This program ...
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Sum of matrix region in racket

I'm learning racket and did simple code challenge in a literate programming style with org mode The problem: Given a matrix of integers and the top left and bottom right coordinates of a ...
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Simple web API that access sqlite database

This is a very simple web API for a school assignment, as a part of a bigger system. The web API returns a list of courses or a single course as json. I doubt that I will get any feedback on the code ...
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Simply Scheme book: "functions.scm", How to use basic language constructs to create interactive prompt for function application

While reading Simply Scheme by Brian Harvey and Matthew Wright: Part I: Chapter 2 Functions In this chapter you are going to use the computer to explore functions, but you are not going to use the ...
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Is this zip function ok?

A slick way to write the zip function in Scheme/Racket: (define (zip . lsts) (apply map list lsts)) (zip '(a b c) '(1 2 3)) '((a 1) (b 2) (c 3)) Is using cons ...
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Cartesian product in racket (Is append-map okay?)

I've read several places that say it's really bad to use append, and I understand why. I read somewhere that it was never even correct to use ...
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