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QML (Qt Meta-Object Language) is a declarative language designed to describe the user interface of a program.

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A simple Qt + MQTT doorbell application

So I built a house recently and didn't want to rely on "privacy-questionnable" systems like Google Home or Amazon whatever so I decided to build a doorbell system myself. Hardware I use a ...
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Two code snippets involving time-change

I have two snippets that are going to be used in a walkthrough and I'd like some feedback on which one is more easily understandable 1 ...
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Pagination For Qt's Listview

I'm creating a generic pagination helper class. Personally I use this class for navigating through Records which are loaded into any sequential containers e.g ...
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Improved QML Settings

Qt.labs.settings 1.0 module from QtDeclarative (depricated) allows to use QSettings to make ...
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Barebones Qt/QML app that generates a list of dishes and then a shopping list with ingredients

I have written a simple app that generates a menu in the form of a list of recipes. It furthermore generates a shopping list, given a menu, consisting of the (unique) ingredients in the recipes that ...
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QT/QML scripting and property binding approach

I'm asking your help to understand it the following code does something that should really be avoided. The application I'm currently working on is an embedded HMI for a process controller who shares ...
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Race Condition Check

I have provided below my code in Qt 5.6(QML). I wanted to send the data when the slider value changes and also to send the same data every 2.5 secs when the slider is not moving. As a heart beat from ...
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