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A Python-based web framework provided by the Pylons Project *Note: Don't use this for pyramid output (e.g. of numbers)

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Integrating Celery task queue with Pyramid

I am integrating the Celery 4 task queue into my Pyramid web server. The documentation seems a little sparse though. I found a somewhat dated pyramic_celery module ...
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Comparing course groupings to completed courses

I'm trying to do some basic math comparing some course groupings to completed courses. The original code shown below seems huge and maybe not pythonic? I'm trying to write better view code then what ...
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Using basic HTML to render and check

I am a newbie and I am using basic HTML to render and check. No JSON at the moment. With that said, I’m having a hard time conceptualizing organization of a group of matching series (e.g. a series ...
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Global appIncluder function to include sub-applications dynamically

I have implemented a global appIncluder function which is imported as includeme with the of the package to be included. ...
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Elixir db model

I have designed this model which is very flexible. For example, you can create asset types, assets and combinations of them infinitely. It is the front end to a Python Pyramid website, so all the ...
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