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Questions tagged [pymongo]

PyMongo is the official Python driver for MongoDB created and maintained by MongoDB, Inc.

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Python Script that searches a corpus for most relevant results according to search terms

I am currently working on building a small search engine (if it can be called that) that allows users to search for relevant articles from a short list of other older websites that do not have search ...
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Simple Flask REST API to a MongoDB

I'm writing a simple REST API to my MongoDB using PyMongo (Python 3.7). Each collection I have in the DB has a route (e.g http://the.api.url/collection_name ), and every document under that collection ...
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Utilising pymongo to scrape over 4 million urls using multiprocessing to examine the impact of coronavirus

So I want to do some research on the impact COVID-19 is having on businesses. I've managed to generate a database with the company name and the website URLs associated with it. Now I want to scrape ...
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Flask-PyMongo best practices to manage a mongodb database using python

The functions below are from a class of slave function which interact with my mongo database. The purpose is to serve a Flask based API by responding with the appropriate data required along with the ...
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