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Protocol Buffers are a way of encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible format. Google uses Protocol Buffers for almost all of its internal RPC protocols and file formats.

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gRPC service for managing groups

Trying out gRPC for the first time in a few years and looking for some feedback on the simplest of the APIs, since no one is currently using it extensively at my company and will end up pioneering its ...
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Nodejs - Javascript buffer that takes in uint64, enum and string data as input

I am writing a nodejs program that adds some data into a buffer, before it is streamed. The data types are listed in the comments of the code, and there are fixed places in the buffer that these data-...
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How can I refactor for handling multiple proto generated service clients by eliminating double await and the DRY code?

I'm having doubts about which is the best strategy to manage the many service clients in this web app. "Best" in terms of a good compromise between user's device RAM and Javascript execution ...
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Node.JS Protobuf socket client with TLS support

I'm working with one environment which allows me to execute node.js code from single file without installing additional modules. My task is to write simple ssl socket client which will send protobuf ...
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Haskell zmq & protobuf message forwarding

I wrote a test program (and first "real" Haskell program!) that receives a zmq request on 1 socket, and forwards part of that message to another socket. There are a 2 things I specifically don't like:...
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Protobuf to Json convertor [closed]

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Aligning '=' on protocol buffers .proto files [closed]

Should the equals sign be alined on protocol buffers? I am having a huge discussion with a colleague and we can't get to decide on what's the best practice. ...
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