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Questions tagged [promise]

"Promises" are a particular tactic for deferred computing, suitable for several styles of concurrency: thread and event loop concurrency for local computation, and both synchronous and asynchronous remote messaging.

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1 answer

Angular promise in service

I'm new with Angular promise and I would like to know how to improve my code. I have a service which preload media or data by calling an API. The media API return an array of urls to preload. ...
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Thoughts on this conversion of code from Step.js to Q promise library?

I have some code that I'd written using this pattern with Step.js. In this case, talking to MongoDB in Node: ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Structuring functions receiving and returning promises?

I keep running into the same pattern with code using promises in javascript. When writing a function which takes a promise and returns a promise, obviously I want to reject the promise I'm returning ...
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2 answers

Refactoring asynchronous JS pre-rendering code

A few months ago I wrote this module but, coming back to it, I find it a bit hard to read and reason about. I want to ask community's opinion on whether this needs to be refactored, and how I could ...
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Limiting Q promise concurrency in JavaScript

I wrote a helper to limit Q promise concurrency. If I have a promise-returning function promiseSomething, writing ...
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My yld NPM - callbacks/promises alternative

I'd like feedback on my callbacks/promises alternative, please. The yld repository ...
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2 answers

Can this promise be chained more cleanly?

The below code uses Promises/A+ (specifically rsvp.js) to generate a token. It does so by either taking an existing token or downloading and parsing a token from a web page. Is it possible to chain ...
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1 answer

Improving a JQuery Promise "Chain"

I have a little chain of JQuery promises. My problem is at each stage I want to notify my progress to the user, keep them in the loop (Perhaps using .notify somehow?) What I've eneded up with is ...
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jQuery nested ajax deffereds- looking for improvements

Following is a working solution for a single xml ajax to retrieve category list, then individual ajax calls for each category. This was developed in response to a question on SO. Solution creates one ...
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1 answer

Simple jQuery search on input element

Just wanted a way of attaching a jQuery search plugin to an input element (or collection) and be able to pass specific options at invoke time: This is the plugin code ...
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Multiple jQuery promises

I'm starting to reuse this pattern, and was wondering if there was a more succinct/clear way to write it. Given a function foo taking a callback argument: ...
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