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A classic arcade game in which two players control paddles to bounce a ball back to their opponent (like air hockey)

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Pong using pygame module

I made a game in Python where you play Pong against an AI. As I am quite new to pygame, I would be grateful to hear any possible improvements. This is my code: ...
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Pong in c++ console app

I would really appriciate if someone could review my code and give me feedback. This was my first multi file project. Main: ...
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Predict bouncing ball destination in JavaScript

In a Pong-style 2D game, a ball (a circle of radius BALLRADIUS) can bounce (with perfect elasticity) on the top or bottom of the screen. When it hits the left or right side of the screen, one of the ...
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Game States / Pong: SFML Box2D EnTT

Trying to make a little 2D engine I can play with. The end goal is a simple multiplayer PVP game just using shapes. I will make one version using ECS and one using OOP for learning. This is the shell ...
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DQN implementation

I just wrote my pong DQN. It seems to work. I'm looking for a performance based review on anything that might slow down the training in complex models. ...
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Pong Game project

I tried to make a Pong game in Java. It's my first game I have ever programmed, and I would be very pleased if you would take the time to advise me on what I could do better next time. Thank you so ...
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Python console pong game - multithreading

I am writing a pong game in Python that uses voice input to move the paddles. I have implemented multithreading so that the google speech recognition module can always run in a separate thread from ...
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A Pong Game using C++

I wrote a simple, 2-player Pong game for a Udacity Nanodegree in C++. The program has the following class structure (relatively new to UML so any tips on here would be very much welcome too): ...
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Pong Implementation using Rust SFML

Getting my feet wet with Game Development, and was wanting to see where I could improve in my usage of Rust as well as Game Development concepts. ...
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Pong-Like Game. First game I ever made. advice needed

This is my first time ever making a game. It is a pong-like game, where the user has a paddle and has to prevent the ball from passing them. Since this is my first game, I want any recommendations/...
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Pong game in Python with tkinter

This is a pong game I created some time ago, but it doesn't have methods to store scores yet and also might have some bugs. It is also very slow. The code: ...
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Basic Pong game using C++ and SFML

I am making use of C++ and SFML to make a basic Pong game. I have made it so that there are two players who can control the paddle on each side and the ball will bounce off screen and paddles except ...
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PONG XI Platinum Edition

This is my first game. This header defines the constants: Constants.h: ...
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First OOP in Python 3: Pygame Pong

I have been studying Python for a few months and just recently decided to stop avoiding OOP and reworked a Pong game to a more object oriented style. Please tell me how I should improve my code. Some ...
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Python Pong using turtle

I am a new Python programmer, and I am learning how to use the turtle import. I am making some projects, and now I am trying to do a Pong game using turtle. It is working but not really well; the ...
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1 player Pong with AI

I have made this pong game as a 1 player game, versus the computer. however it is impossible to beat the ai. Any ideas to make the code better would be appreciated. ...
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Pong game in Java

I have recently written the following Pong game in Java: Pong class: ...
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