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Questions tagged [perl]

Perl is a language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports.

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Perl Script to import flat-file versioned files into git repositories

I wrote a perl script to import local files with "File-Ending-Versioning" (like into a git repository. I tried to use the concept of roles in this script and I am not shure if I applied ...
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DSL for Makefile generation for dotfiles using symlinks

As I explain in my rant, I have been searching for a replacement to hand-crafted POSIX-make-compatible makefiles to manage my dotfiles (which use symlinks). I ...
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Dijkstra's algorithm in Perl

I have this Perl module project. My implementation of the Dijkstra's algorithm follows: ...
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Perl crypto-scraper

I created a crypto-scraper script to scrape crypto currencies from Coingecko. I have used the library LWP::UserAgent and now I want to know if you could give me ...
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Processing large blocklists with GNU Parallel

This is an ongoing project that has undergone a major update to speed up list processing. Here is the homepage for anyone interested! It processes lists defined in ...
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Using Perl's fork() to parallelize processing

I use bash scripts to process last names through a Perl program, and I parallelize the execution like this, by name initials: ...
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Building hundreds of C++ components using multiple threads

I'm pretty new to Perl (and multithreading), so I was wondering if someone would be willing to take a look at my script and give me any tips on increasing performance. Motivation The script is ...
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Perl switch/case module

I know Perl now has given and when to simulate switch/case statements, but these are still experimental and are not guaranteed ...
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Perl subroutines to flatten and unflatten a complex hash or array key

I have written two Perl subroutines to flatten and unflatten a complex hash or array key. This can be useful in situation when you are traversing/parsing a complex data structure like JSON and want to ...
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