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PartialOrd of Rust Enums based on encapsulated data

I have an Enum the encapsulates numeric primitives (u8, i8, u16, i16, u32, i32, u64, i64, f32, f64) into a common type called "Number". I want to implement a PartialOrd train for the enum ...
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pattern matching coding challenge

I have implemented a simple pattern matching for the below algorithm in Java with time complexity of O(n)(n is the size of the input array). Any suggestions for optimization?? one of the most ...
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Cardinal to ordinal numbers in F# code reuse

I've been experimenting with the F# Bolero environment to learn F# a bit and I was trying to get the hang of pattern matching by generating ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, ...) from cardinal numbers (...
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A different approach to string pattern matching algorithm

Although there exists the most efficient "Knuth-Morris-Pratt" algorithm of string pattern matching. I tried to achieve the same result with a different approach. But I am not sure about it's ...
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Find repeating pattern in a string

I have written a C function that finds the shortest substring that can be repeated to produce the entire string. input: abcdeabcde result: ...
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State monad and pattern matching on data constructors

I am writing a Settlers of Catan server in Haskell for fun. Currently I am passing around state manually. I want to learn more about the State monad and want to incorporate it into my project. However,...
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Structural Pattern Matching syntax to match a value in a list

I was looking into Python 3.10's Structural Pattern Matching syntax, and I want to refactor one of my code that uses if-else, using structural pattern matching. My ...
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How to refactor the boolean logic of this F# function?

I have a list of path I want to filter out. I want to keep only paths matching a specific pattern and remove all paths matching another specific pattern. To achieve this I pattern matched on each ...
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Match Multiple Patterns in 2D Array and Return (x,y) Coordinates of the highest pattern

Problem Description We are given 2 arrays: 1 array representing the image and containing the patterns to be match and another one representing the pattern. Each image is represented as an vector ...
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Check if a given string matches a wildcard pattern

I'm trying to optimize my solution to the following question: given a regular expression with chars and special char '*', (star which is a joker we can replace with any string), and a string, write a ...
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Separating data from string representation of objects, with added extras

Given a string representation of data, I want to extract the information into its corresponding object. However, If the string has "|" separators then these should be considered options and ...
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Idiomatic Rust matches with pattern guards

I'm quite new to Rust, and am working on a virtual machine image decompiler. I have some working code that uses match to check opcode numbers, but it doesn't feel ...