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I'm writing the command processing part of the tui for a basic task manager/todo list application

The idea is that the TUI struct handles what gets printed to the terminal (I will make it pretty in the future, right now I'm just building its core functionalities) and for processing input. It's ...
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Wildcard Matching: LeetCode 44 Attempt 2

Original post: Based on feedback from J-H in his answer I have done another attempt. Link to question: Given an input string (s) and a pattern (p), implement wildcard pattern matching with support ...
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Wildcard Matching: LeetCode 44

Follow up post Link to question: Given an input string (s) and a pattern (p), implement wildcard pattern matching with support for '?' and '*' where: '?' Matches any single character. '*' Matches ...
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Stepwise nested pattern mattching with exceptions

Background I'm building a lisp-like toy language in Haskell with the following (stripped down) AST: ...
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Find directories and files matching certain pattern and copy them with powershell

I need to recreate project folders containing all article numbers acquired from a list. It's searching for article names in the foldernames and inside the folders. If the directory is found, it will ...
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PartialOrd of Rust Enums based on encapsulated data

I have an Enum the encapsulates numeric primitives (u8, i8, u16, i16, u32, i32, u64, i64, f32, f64) into a common type called "Number". I want to implement a PartialOrd train for the enum ...
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pattern matching coding challenge

I have implemented a simple pattern matching for the below algorithm in Java with time complexity of O(n)(n is the size of the input array). Any suggestions for optimization?? one of the most ...
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Cardinal to ordinal numbers in F# code reuse

I've been experimenting with the F# Bolero environment to learn F# a bit and I was trying to get the hang of pattern matching by generating ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, ...) from cardinal numbers (...
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A different approach to string pattern matching algorithm

Although there exists the most efficient "Knuth-Morris-Pratt" algorithm of string pattern matching. I tried to achieve the same result with a different approach. But I am not sure about it's ...
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Find repeating pattern in a string

I have written a C function that finds the shortest substring that can be repeated to produce the entire string. input: abcdeabcde result: ...
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State monad and pattern matching on data constructors

I am writing a Settlers of Catan server in Haskell for fun. Currently I am passing around state manually. I want to learn more about the State monad and want to incorporate it into my project. However,...
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Structural Pattern Matching syntax to match a value in a list

I was looking into Python 3.10's Structural Pattern Matching syntax, and I want to refactor one of my code that uses if-else, using structural pattern matching. My ...
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How to refactor the boolean logic of this F# function?

I have a list of path I want to filter out. I want to keep only paths matching a specific pattern and remove all paths matching another specific pattern. To achieve this I pattern matched on each ...
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Match Multiple Patterns in 2D Array and Return (x,y) Coordinates of the highest pattern

Problem Description We are given 2 arrays: 1 array representing the image and containing the patterns to be match and another one representing the pattern. Each image is represented as an vector ...
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Check if a given string matches a wildcard pattern

I'm trying to optimize my solution to the following question: given a regular expression with chars and special char '*', (star which is a joker we can replace with any string), and a string, write a ...
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Separating data from string representation of objects, with added extras

Given a string representation of data, I want to extract the information into its corresponding object. However, If the string has "|" separators then these should be considered options and ...
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Idiomatic Rust matches with pattern guards

I'm quite new to Rust, and am working on a virtual machine image decompiler. I have some working code that uses match to check opcode numbers, but it doesn't feel ...
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