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Parse Back4App database as a master database change log rather than actual database- thoughts on this design principle?

first post here. I'm looking for some general input as to the correctness of what I'm trying to do here. Is this a good idea, bad idea, what could be plus points or negative aspects to this design? If ...
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Discrete slide mechanism (with average rating display) for liking posts on a social network app

I'm thinking about implementing a "liking" mechanism for a social network app (using Parse) whereby users select a value from a discrete slider beneath each post. The slide would range from 0-5 and ...
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Amanda's Relationship Tips app, with scroll performance issues

I am having some major issues with scrolling in my active app "Amanda's Relationship Tips" Under the User Advice tab: I'm using the Parse Database as a backend to pull user data. This lag is ...
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Creating and finding posts using

The following code calls Parse. And uses its API to create two functions: post.create and post.find. As the names imply, one is ...
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Image Scrolling in UITableView with Parse

I'm trying to create an app that is scalable. One of the main features of the app is to view images from a database to a UITableView. Here is my code: ...
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Optimize Data Sending/Querying to Parse Swift iOS

I have a swift method that I'm using to update Parse in the backend when the button is tapped. Votes are being updated: The method acts as a voting system, incrementing a label every time it's tapped. ...
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Updating number of votes with a "Like" button

I have a "Like" button in my iOS app that updates the votes every time it's tapped. Just like Facebook, Instagram, ProductHunt, etc. I have a custom cell where that ...
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Star Rating in Swift

So I needed a a star rating feature to appear in my app - it doesn't need to be interactive. I have my app connected to a database I've set up in Parse, and I've made a column for OurRatingof type ...
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Check if objects have coordinates

Here's a function: ...
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Adding a constraint to a PFQuery on a PFRelation with objects that have already been gotten

For some background, I am learning from the following Stack Overflow question that I asked regarding creating the this code. I was playing around with different combinations of ...
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Retrieving creation date from data

I got to show the createdAt date in a message timeline, I tried to make a separate array only for dates, but don't know if it is the right path to follow. It seems ...
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Upload URLs of images as files to

Using JavaScript cloud code, I'm trying to bulk convert a huge number of URL entries into actual files uploaded to This code works; I just want to make it cleaner/nicer. ...
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Using Grand Central Dispatch to fetch data from and update UI asynchronously

This works, and the UI is snappy in the simulator, but since this is my first time really using GCD, I'd just like this code to be reviewed before I start using it everywhere. Note that this is ...
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161 views simple query: login and display account balance

I was recently at a hackathon and saw quite a few people using Parse, so I decided to check it out and read some guides online. Can someone take a look at my code? I followed Parse documentation so it ...
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Looping through queries

Here's my JavaScript file that queries data from Parse and then updates my Handlebars.js template to display them. The code has 3 async calls using a Promise. It still feel like it could be improved, ...
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Taking and saving pictures using promises

I have the following 4 functions that work, however, I am sure that utilising promises will improve my code. I just find them so confusing. ...
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Using an Adapter with Parse query in Android

I'm an iOS developer new to Android. I'm creating my first Android app and I have several questions. My app uses Android Studio, gradle, and it's based on Parse (the backend). Basically, takes ...
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Rewriting this function to use `promises` instead of `async: false`

Using's javascript API, I would like to get a variable number or images from img tags on a page and save those images in the currently logged in user's ...
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Transferring file from Google to

I have created a system where user selects files from their Google Drive to be uploaded into Parse. I have done so separately though, where I have one code that allows user to select an item from ...
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