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Pagination is the process of dividing information into discrete pages.

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2 answers

Pagination algorithm in JS

I needed a relatively simple pagination, as currently implemented on GoogleSearch (sans prev & next buttons). Most code I've seen was overly complicated so I came up with something that's simpler. ...
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Non-curses pager in C

I have written a pager in C that is supposed to be used in systems where curses is not installed (or broken). It can also be used as a system-wide pager, it works ...
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3 votes
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Pagination helper class

The most nauseous problem with pagination is the fact that you have to write two almost identical queries. For the various reasons I am not inclined to use the SQL-only way (such as ...
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PHP Pagination class (Clase para paginar resultados)

This is my first question in Code Review. I apologize in advance for using Spanish (my native language). I thought there was a spanish version of Code Review. This class is meant for pagination. It ...
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Infinite scroll for currency list

I made infinite scroll for a currency (in the code below: valute) list. The currency list is fetched via an AJAX-request from a remote server. After it starts the script displays 10 records. After the ...
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