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Converting numbers to their English representation is a common programming challenge where the goal is to take a number as input and output it's English equivalent. For example: input 1024; output "One Thousand Twenty-Four".

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Converting English words to numbers in Haskell

A few weeks ago, I finished a number to word converter and received an excellent review. It caused me to make several fundamental changes to numToWord, such as ...
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Generation and parsing of English numerals (cardinal and ordinal)

I need to use the English numerals (American) in Haskell, so I looked for a library that did it. I have not found one, therefore I developed the program that I am presenting here. There are actually ...
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PowerShell - Convert English words describing numbers to their values in Arabic numeral

I am extremely new to programming, and I am a really fast learner if I am interested, I have only started using PowerShell in less than a month, to improve my programming skill, this is a script I ...
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Number-to-words translator

I've created a class that translates an integer into words in an English (not British) format. My first human language is not English, and I don't have a good idea of a truly right way to read numbers,...
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