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Questions relating to the copying of files from one filesystem, over a network, to a destination filesystem

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Download files in parallel

This module has a ensure_downloaded function which takes a slice of Urls. It downloads all of the urls to a local downloads ...
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Uploading captured video to Google Cloud Storage

My program intends to capture video streams (in mjpeg) with OpenCV and upload the captured frames into Google Cloud Storage for later processing. I am expecting to capture ~15-20 frames per second and ...
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Linux performance using multi-threads (vs one thread) and ssh message

My server receives requests in one thread and responds in another. I am using thread pools of pthread-s for both receiving and sending. The performance is not that bad, however... When I am doing the ...
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Android APP FTP downloading file implementation in Java

This is a follow-up question for Android APP connect to FTP server in Java and Android APP FTP uploading file implementation in Java. I am attempting to perform the download operation to specified FTP ...
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Using Python threads to download images

I am using Python threads to download images. I have a JSON file that contains URLs to the images in the following structure: ...
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Read remote and local directories and transfer data

The app is made to be able to send large amounts (1000+) of big data files (2GB>) to a online long term storage service. The application they themselves provide for this service is very buggy and ...
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Sending ACK/NACK for packets

The code is working perfectly. I'm little bit sure this is a packet what I am sending from client to server in streams. Is this packet? Am I sending in a right way? Another thing is that I am sending ...
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Uploading series of large files to API via Node

I wrote a node script to traverse a folder of hour-long mp3s and upload them to Mixcloud via their API. It works, but I suspect it's fairly inefficient - the computer it's going to run on at our radio ...
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Algorithm for downloading images

I am working on a product application where user could sell/buy. This application is based on collection view. Collection view has collection cell where it displays product image thumbnail. The ...
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Ajax file uploader jQuery plugin

I tried to write my first jQuery plugin. It's a very simple AJAX file uploader. HTML ...
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Folder sharing with python sockets

I am just getting started with python. I wanted to make a folder transfer tool to get familiar with python sockets. ...
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Remote computer file transfer with PowerShell script

Remote-Computer-File-Transfer I have created a PowerShell script, , for remote computers file transfer, for computers that only support New-PSDrive cmdlet, and I ...
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