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Questions tagged [mustache]

Mustache is a "logic-less" templating library available in a range of languages.

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Makefile for a document generation system

This is my first shot at writing a makefile for a document generation system. Please identify any more ways to refine it. Some pointers on how it works: The INPUT files initially are templates to be ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Lesson slideshow/classroom app

Overview I am looking for feedback on this (personal) project that I am working on that is rapidly becoming quite complex. I am fully aware that this is horrific code quality... I just want to get my ...
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DOM manipulating that I called Framework

I'm building a framework like this that can turn SASS-like code into CSS, a template engine like Mustache, a DOM manipulator like React, and a router to add a single page app, and I'm having a ...
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