Questions tagged [mongodb-query]

This tag is for questions related to querying and updating MongoDB collections, either through the Mongo shell or using a programming language driver.

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Grouping and summing by condition from three mongodb collections

I have three mongodb collections. I would like to group the collections by date, month and year, then sum by condition in order to display totals from the three collections in one table. However, i ...
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Return aggregated values

It's the first time a write a non-trivial mongodb query, and I came up with one that does work, but is 123 lines long! Surely there must be a way to write it in a more concise way. The purpose of the ...
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Aggregate query for drawing temporal statistic

I used to write simple Mongo queries, but this time I had to create an aggregate query. The purpose is to draw temporal statistic on the main page of my web app. I'm not confident about his ...
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