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Code for interfacing with equipment that physically moves, such as robots or other mechanical devices

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Limit drive starts with function block diagram

I have a drive (modulating fan) which needs to be interlocked and prevented from starting. The requirement is that: The drive is limited to 3 starts per hour with a minimum of 10 minutes between ...
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Control loop for a pipetting machine and camera

I am new to the Python language and was playing with nested loops. All I am trying to do in my code is to get a value closer or equal to 1.50mm (which is a liquid drop pixel value changed to mm). ...
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18 Motor, 6 Leg robot Walking code - Python / ROS - follow-up

I have re-designed my robot walking code from feedback I received on previous question and would love to hear some feedback and pointers. ...
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Robot arm manipulation library

I have created a DLL library that controls an robotic arm. Could you tell me if my design is correct? The robot communicates over serial port. The code works but I would like to receive a feedback ...
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Coordinating camera stage movement and data readout

The purpose of this code is important, so here's a quick rundown. This code runs controls a physical machine which utilizes a camera and a moving stage holding an object to be imaged. Imaging can be ...
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