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Markdown is a markup language which can allow for plain-text documents to be transformed into HTML and other formats.

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In emacs markdown-mode making the link live and URL invisible in inline links

A few years ago I modified version 1.8.1 of Jason Blevins's markdown-mode for Emacs so that when showing inline links the URL is hidden, and so that you can follow the link simply by hitting Enter. If ...
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Script to auto-generate Markdown tables of contents

I would greatly appreciate feedback on the enclosed script, which auto-generates a Markdown table of contents for Github-flavoured Markdown, with respect to: Consistency with Ruby idiom & style ...
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Simple Markdown Blog

this is my first real website I created after learning about web development. It's amazing to me that anyone would spare their free time to code review strangers' code. So thank you in advance. I'd ...
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Vim plugin MarkDown Headings

This is my first Vim plugin and is intended to assist with adding, and editing, MarkDown headings. Features include changing the heading depth, auto-update heading reference links, and adding link ...
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Markdown to HTML Converter

I'm working on a markdown-to-html parser for my C++ proposals. Example usage is turning markdown like this into an html page like this. The part that caused me the most frustration was having (a) ...
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Generating markdown documentation for VBA code

Generating documentation for VBA code The goal of this exercise to is create an application which can read module files created in VBA project and generate markdown documentation for them. Key ...
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KaTeX extension to Markdown

I've created a JS snippet to enhance markdown at display-time with KaTeX math rendering. (Specifically, this is mostly for documentation of math-heavy libraries where the host language documentation ...
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Markdown Previewer app done in ReactJS

What do you think of my markdown previewer, which uses the marked library? I'm asking because I'm new to React. And also what do you think of app itself? Did I use React correctly and properly? HTML: ...
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Vim plugin for folding markdown lists

My first delve into vimscript was writing a plugin for folding markdown lists. I reckon there are a few idioms I'm missing here, so I would greatly appreciate any comments to improve the plugin. I'...
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Rolling my own markdown parser in JavaScript

For several days I was messing around trying to create a markdown parser. This is the best I could come up without using regex. I was wondering if I'm on the right track.(I only covered the ...
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caching and rendering blog posts in markdown in react

I'd like to know if I'm doing this badly or involving any antipatterns. Masterlist.json contains a list full of all of the posts that exist and should be fetched on the page. Post metadata is ...
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Putting a multichoicefield under a dropdown button

I am building a web app in Django where one of the form fields is a multiplechoicefield from a many2many object that I use to select users that are allowed to edit the post. In standard form the field ...
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