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Questions tagged [macros]

A macro in computer science is a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence (often a sequence of characters) should be mapped to a replacement output sequence (also often a sequence of characters) according to a defined procedure. Do not use this tag for questions regarding Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications. VBA evolved from an early macro language, but is not a macro language itself.

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Autotools detect C++ language standard support

I have been updating my build tools to optionally use autotools (autoconfig/automake/libtool etc.). As part of this change I have written a couple of M4 macros. This not being something I have done ...
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Procedural macro to derive de/serialization trait from/to little endian bytes

I wrote a trait library that allows the de-/serialization of data structures from/to little endian bytes 1. For it I now wrote my first procedural macro 2 to be able to derive the traits ...
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Implement easy CLI options in C using a single-file header

I'm a computer science student, and in 2 of my courses this semester we are writing short C programs to demonstrate the things we are learning about. All of these programs require command-line flags &...
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Was this an idiomatic and prudent way to extend R's matrix multiplication syntax? Should I have used R's object system?

After reading one too many Lisp books, I decided to try extending R's syntax. My goal was to implement repeated matrix multiplication in a way such that I could write ...
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Rust Builder pattern derive-macro

Inspired by dtolnay's procedural macro workshop (on Github), I have implemented a derive-macro to automatically implement the Builder pattern on a Rust struct, which allows a struct instance to be ...
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Yet another reflection library

Tried to do my own implementation of reflection(introspection) for using in my next projects. Is it optimized at compile time? If no, how can I improve it? This macro is good interface for adapting ...
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Rust List comprehension macro

I'm very new to Rust and as I've been going through the book I became very interested in its macros. To better understand them I tried to write something of a usable list comprehension like those in ...
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Racket macro for variadic FFI

I'm working on FFI wrapper for SDL2 library in Racket. The library includes several variadic functions (e.g. SDL_SetError, SDL_LogMessage etc); Racket FFI does not have straight way for importing ...
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Simple generic macro-generated containers

In order to learn macros in C I decided to make a generic data structures generator for other projects that I have in C. The main macros are the following: ...
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Allowing switching between operator[] and at() based on NDEBUG macro version

The problem: std::vector and other containers have two functions for accessing / modifying their content: operator[] and ...
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Interpreter for an assembly language with variadic instructions

I am currently implementing a virtual machine that runs a programming language similar to assembly. The difference is that an instruction in this language can have any number of operands. and the ...
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`multiple-value-call` in Scheme

Common Lisp has a "special operator" called multiple-value-call, which does something similar to Scheme's call-with-values but ...
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Optimizing VBA code , Takes more than 50 minutes to update

Could you please help me optimize the macro, Its taking more than 50 minutes but still no success. The For loop is looping untill 1.0 million + rows. Screen is flickering. I have tried Application....
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